Fife Partnership pledge to work towards a Fairer Fife

Fife’s Community Planning Partnership has restated its commitment to do things differently to create a Fairer Fife by 2030.At a recent meeting , the Partnership Board heard about the progress so far in taking forward the recommendations of the Fairer Fife Commission and called on communities, businesses and individuals across Fife to join them, take the pledge, and work together to create a Kingdom that is more equal for everyone.

The Fairer Fife Commission, an independent group of experts, published the “Fairness Matters” report in November 2015 challenging the council, public services, charities and businesses to work together to deliver a “significantly fairer Fife by 2030.” The report outlines over 40 recommendations.

Chair of the Fife Partnership David Ross explains: “The Commission produced an excellent report, challenging us to step up our efforts to tackle poverty and inequality in Fife. We’ve already taken the first steps towards turning their vision into action to make a real difference to people’s lives.

“The harsh reality is that around 75,000 Fifers are affected by poverty, a situation we have to change. We need to be more ambitious for Fife and that’s why we’re aiming to be in the top five areas in Scotland by 2030 and change lives for the better.”

An action plan is being created setting out how work will be taken forward. Over the next year the top three challenges partners have pledged to tackle are to:

  • encourage all local employers and businesses to pay the living wage
  • have free wi-fi available from all our public buildings and support people to use it
  • create hundreds of new apprenticeships – one for every £1 million of public expenditure

The Fairer Fife Commission also talked about the need to do things differently:

  • Involving communities more in deciding what needs to be done, how our money is used and how local initiatives are developed and supported
  • Being publicly clear on what we are doing to help achieve a Fairer Fife and keeping up to date on progress
  • Having the right partners to help achieve more
  • Using all the data and evidence about what works so that our actions will make a real difference

Added Cllr Ross: “Everyone can get involved in creating a fairer Fife. By working in partnership with our communities we can make a difference. We’ll be reporting regularly on our progress and talking about ways individuals and communities can take the pledge and get involved.”