Cllr David Ross – Chair of Fife Partnership and Leader of Fife Council

In November 2015 we received the report of the Fairer Fife Commission on how we should be trying to tackle poverty and inequality across Fife. And challenging us to be more ambitious in how we tackle these problems.

Poverty and inequality are somethings that are everyone’s problem in Fife, whether they are personally affected or not. It’s a waste of resources, it’s a waste of potential and we all end up paying for the consequences of poverty and inequality.

Fife Council, Fife’s Community Planning Partnership and myself personally are all committed to creating a Fairer Fife and trying our very best of the coming years to put the recommendations of the Fairer Fife Commission into effect.

Whether that’s creating more apprenticeships for our young people, making sure everyone pays the living wage, building more affordable housing to tackle homelessness, tackling the problem of literacy and numeracy and improving the educational attainment of our kids, or tackling fuel poverty. These are just some of the things we want to address through the coming years in our efforts collectively and our commitment collectively to create a fairer Fife.