The ‘Fairness Matters’ report identified a number of areas that would help create a fairer Fife.

  • Ambitious
    Inspiring and effective leaders on improving fairness over the next 15 years
  • Poverty-free
    Eradicating deep and persistent poverty for individuals and families
  • Fair work
    Championing work as a route out of poverty and to progression and advancement
  • Affordable
    Tackling the cost of living crisis to ensure everyone has suffi cient resources for a decent and fulfilling life
  • Connected
    Driving the universal availability and access to the opportunities and benefi ts offered by digital technology
  • Empowered
    Engaging and offering local control as the key to improving local public services and delivering better outcomes for citizens
  • Skilled
    Protecting and promoting the life chances of young people to escape a generational poverty cycle
  • Healthier
    Strengthening the understanding of what works in reducing health inequalities and scaling up and sustaining proven activities

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