Make a pledge and help create a Fairer Fife

Now Fife Council and partners are encouraging individuals, businesses and other organisations to join together and pledge to create a Kingdom more equal for everyone by 2030.

And you can now publicly pledge to make a difference by signing up online to say how you’re helping to make Fife fairer at

Fife Council Leader David Ross is keen to see local businesses, voluntary sector organisations, schools, colleges and individuals get involved and sign the pledge.

He said: “Everyone can do something to help Fife be fairer.

“Our Fairer Fife action plan sets out all the things we’re doing in partnership with others to help combat poverty in our communities. But we need support from all Fifers to help make a real difference to people’s lives.”

The Fairer Fife action plan highlights over 40 ways the council is working with partners including encouraging local employers to pay the Living Wage and take on more apprentices, persuading Fifers to take up volunteering opportunities and making wi-fi available in all public buildings.

Added Cllr Ross: “There are too many Fifers living in relative poverty and that’s unacceptable.  Last year the council became a Living Wage employer and is leading by example by making sure that all our employees are paid a decent living wage. 

“We’re also creating job opportunities for our young people by offering many modern apprenticeships across a wide range of roles in the council. Since 2013 we’ve supported 155 young people, helping them achieve long term stable employment with the council. And we’re working with partners to encourage all employers and businesses across Fife to pay the living wage and create apprenticeship opportunities to help change people’s lives for the better.”

Dunfermline-based leading electronic manufacturing services company Dynamic EMS has taken on a Modern Apprentice thanks to support from the Fife Youth Jobs contract, a Fife Council initiative that involves Opportunities Fife Partners to create employment and training opportunities for young people.

Veronica Allan is HR Manager at Dynamic EMS. She said: “Modern apprenticeships offer businesses a great opportunity to ensure they have a relevant, skilled workforce, as well as help give the next generation the opportunity to reach their full potential.

“One of the biggest opportunities modern apprenticeships offer is the chance to build a loyal workforce to help move the business forward. We thought long and hard before taking the plunge and employing a modern apprentice, but it has paid off 100% and I’d fully recommend it to other local businesses – large and small.”

Added Cllr Ross: “This local business is one of many that are helping create a Fairer Fife and it’s one of the ways we’re making a difference. Fife’s Community Planning Partnership and Fife Council have already signed the Fairer Fife pledge. Now the challenge is on to get as many people as possible to pledge their commitment and create a fairer and more prosperous Fife for everyone.”

View Cllr Ross’s personal pledge

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CHILDREN across Fife have been taking part in a discussion about how to create a more equal and fairer Fife for everyone. And a fantastic colourful Mural which portrays how children perceive their local communities has been touring round schools sparking debate about how we can all work towards a fairer Fife.

Working with creative specialists from the Childrens’ Parliament the Mural was created by children from four primary schools – Balcurvie, Denbeath, East Wemyss and Kennoway. It represents the views of 150 children working around the theme of fairness and was funded by the Fairer Scotland Fund.

The Mural is currently on display in the Rothes Halls in Glenrothes. It’s pictured here with children from Kennoway Primary School.


Creating a Fairer Fife – Cllr David Ross

Cllr David Ross – Chair of Fife Partnership and Leader of Fife Council

In November 2015 we received the report of the Fairer Fife Commission on how we should be trying to tackle poverty and inequality across Fife. And challenging us to be more ambitious in how we tackle these problems.

Poverty and inequality are somethings that are everyone’s problem in Fife, whether they are personally affected or not. It’s a waste of resources, it’s a waste of potential and we all end up paying for the consequences of poverty and inequality.

Fife Council, Fife’s Community Planning Partnership and myself personally are all committed to creating a Fairer Fife and trying our very best of the coming years to put the recommendations of the Fairer Fife Commission into effect.

Whether that’s creating more apprenticeships for our young people, making sure everyone pays the living wage, building more affordable housing to tackle homelessness, tackling the problem of literacy and numeracy and improving the educational attainment of our kids, or tackling fuel poverty. These are just some of the things we want to address through the coming years in our efforts collectively and our commitment collectively to create a fairer Fife.